Step Into My Closet: Shoes & Coats


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Let me start off by saying, EVERY buy is an investment towards my wardrobe. Before I can even bring a piece into the fitting room, I have to think of more ways than one, to create versatility with my outfits.  

The most important pieces to my with my fit would have to be my coats and shoes. These are the most visible parts of your outfit so they have to have to have to make a statement NovaBabe! 

For starters, I am all about layering pieces, so when it comes to putting the last part of your fit together, it HAS to be the cherry on top. Although, When it comes to my style, I’m a very “how can you wear this more ways than one?” kind of girl. And I know you can relate! But for those who can’t, think of it like this… Can my outfit take me from my desk at work to my dinner date at night? Well it should! And it will after I give you tips and pointers on how to create versatility with your wardrobe!
 Although I love my pieces to make a statement, I also love the simplicity of my staple pieces. For starters, a duster is needed in every women’s closets. It gives off so much sophistication and really makes you feel like a boss. Not to mention, it’s the perfect jacket to complete the look for any and all occasions. I can put it over a crop tee and our Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans with a cute little bootie and be on the go for a day of fun. Or I can take it to work with a cute little button up and a pair of trousers. Then at night I can throw it over my dress before I step out for the night. I love this style jacket so much because it describes the Professional Woman On The Go Who’s Ready For Anything.


Another must-have coat in my closet is a distressed denim jacket. This jacket is my “all else fails, throw this jacket on” kind of piece because it goes with almost anything! You can get trendy with it, and do denim on denim. Or give your outfit a funky look by rocking an oversized tee with a pair of thigh highs boots. Either way it goes, this item travels with me everywhere I go!

Yes I love my staple pieces, but anyone who knows me also knows I’m obsessed with trends that’ll remain timeless. One of my favorites from my closet is the cape. Whenever I put mine on and step out on the scene, all heads turn (No exaggeration!). This cape is the perfect layering piece for all formal events NovaBabe! With a dress, it easily gives you that finishing touch of elegance and sophistication, leaving you the center of attention. But my favorite way to wear the cape coat is like a suit. Find you a cute strappy heel that you can throw on with a pair of slacks or skinnies, layered over a simple bodysuit and watch your look transform!

I hope you enjoy my choice of style as I go through my many phases of trends! For more inspiring looks by Fashion Nova, stay tuned for another Step Into My Closet: Elevate Your Look edition! All looks can be found at as well as our Instagram page or

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Hey loves! I know I’ve been MIA. But ya girl been grinding! Any who… I am officially a contributor to the @fashionnova blog and here is my first one that went up this past Monday. Of course it looks way prettier on Fashion Nova’s actual blog page lol. But please don’t hesitate to give me your feed back!



Happy Monday Nova Babes & Baes! Love is all in the air this week as Valentines Day is slowly creeping up on us. Don’t hesitate to let your close ones smother you with their love as you’ve been working your ass off and its time YOU be catered to! All of your productivity is starting to pay off and everyone is going to try and join your circle. Really evaluate who fits with your lifestyle and who needs a little motivation before they get left behind! Tough love is still love so don’t hold back this week!


This week is all about keeping the peace in your orbit. All those toxic relationships from 2016 have no business creeping back up into your life, so don’t let it! Take time to yourself this week and do some evaluations. Should this person still be in my life? Are we benefitting from one another by forcing this bond? Your moon is telling you it’s time for a fresh start and that’s exactly what you need! The ball is in your court this week and everybody wants to be in reach of you. Remember you’re coming into this VIP status when it comes to others wanting to be your friend. But don’t feel obligated to explore every new opportunity because you won’t benefit from stretching yourself too thin either NovaBabe.


Challenges will rise this week but your hard work is paying off this week and it’s time you let it! Take in all the criticism that comes with it, but don’t take it personal. Instead, use it to your advantage and make use of those trying to help you as a professional. Take time to yourself this week and relax because you deserve it with all the hard work you’ve put in. Maybe find a quiet spot in your house and meditate, or take a yoga class after work. Whatever you have to do to tell your body thank you, do it because it needs it! Keep those creative juices going Nova Babe, that’s what got you in the spotlight to begin with!


You’ve been feeling a little lazy lately. Now is not the time. Remember those innovative ideas that crossed your mind, well now is the time to throw these ideas to the right people! You’re also coming into a new moon and many people are looking out for you and your professional work. Presentation is everything, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row! You can think about yourself too. Write down all the things you’ve dreamed of having one day & let the universe bring it into existence. As an Aries you’re always thinking of ways to improve your work life but what about the luxuries in life? It’s time to treat yo slef! When it comes to romance, set the bar a little lower this time around. You don’t want to overlook a potential  bae or babe all because your expectations are getting in the way.  

When it comes to Romance, set the bar a little lower this time around. You don’t want to overlook to perfect bae or babe and because your expectations are getting in the way.  You’ll feel impatient throughout the week due Mars in your orbit but don’t be! Take everything with caution & think everything out before actions are put into place because you also don’t want to miss that opportunity knocking on your door.



This week is all about relationships and new beginnings in your career. You’ve found productivity in both since the New Year began and you shouldn’t plan on stopping! Though you may feel like too much time is being invested, it’s not. Your visions have become much clearer and it’s time to put them all to action! As you approach the weekend, you’ll see a shift in your moon causing you to feel more love and intimacy in the air. Get out and mingle! Find someone new and something fresh! As this week comes to an end you’ll feel a little burnt out and it’s ok to go into hiding.



It’s time you stop half-assing everything you’ve started and finally get things done! You feel like you’ve taken a few L’s this year and it’s because no projects or to-do-lists have been completed. Not to worry, that’s all turning around as this week. Get out and explore! You need a little inspiration to get your brain going again and maybe a mini baecation will help solve it all. You’re moving in a successful direction and can’t afford your time to be wasted. All burden relationships need to be told where they stand with you. Take time to evaluate what’s worth staying and what’s not because love and relationships will be challenging for you this week overall. You’re all about gaining more knowledge to better your future this week but as it comes to an end you’re ready to party and let loose!



Love is definitely in the air Nova Babe! You’re ready for Valentine’s Day whether it’s with a significant other or just a cute little date. This is the perfect time for new beginnings in your love life but don’t let it overwhelm you and take priority. You’ll feel tempted to dabble in everybody’s basket but try to be a one man show this time around. Be invested! Get all cute and let people see you. Socialize! Find you a new bae if that’s what you need, but also remember that you can’t satisfy everybody. This goes for your workplace too! As long as you’re happy and know that you’ve done your part, then that’s all that matters. Give love & accept love! You’ve had some constructive/productive experiences since the New Year started and it’s time to show off! Use what you know to your advantage for this is also your week for career success!



This week will have you looking for the “refresh” tab as you feel like you’re constantly hitting dead-ends in your life. It’s ok to have a “redo” moment in your relationships NovaBabe. You’ve been feeling suffocated and it’s time to breathe in new air. It’s ok to communicate this with your loved ones and tell them really how you feel.  Try bonding with your significant other, or do something outside of each other’s comfort zone. Tough love is needed sometimes and this is the perfect time to give it to them! By the weekend you’ll be ready for some stimulation of the mind and anyone that can help make it happen will be on your radar as you find it enticing.



You’ve been living your life like it’s golden since the New Year started but it’s time to get back in formation Nova Babe! This week is all about getting organized and finding ways to make life a little easier on yourself. Projects all over the place? Start marking your calendar with deadlines and short-term goals, or hire someone to do the busy work for you! You’ll find yourself feeling obligated into new situations, causing your own priorities to get knocked down a notch, so be prepared! When it comes to relationships, you can be a little sensitive with everything taking place around you this week. Don’t take it out on your loved ones, instead give them a chance to help comfort you. You’re going to need a little TLC (Tender, Loving, Care). Intimacy is also at an all-time high this week. It’s ok to make your significant other a priority. Don’t let anything or anyone hold your relationship back as this week’s relationships & bonds will become stronger than ever.



This is your time to be fearless & start executing your New Year resolutions for 2017! Start branding yourself Nova Babe! How do you want to be viewed from the outside looking in? When people hear your name, do they think of your brand? You have so much knowledge & experience to put to use, and this week is the perfect time to let yourself shine! Whether it’s being a public figure or a leader in your office, your potential is valuable and people need to see this! Follow your heart but don’t let it get in the way of your logical thinking. Don’t let being busy be an excuse for relationships either. If the person is meant for you, they’ll understand that your goals come first and support you 100%. But, you also have to make your significant other feel like they come first even if they don’t. If you can’t make time for everything then there’s too much on your plate. Decide what stays and what goes this week.



There’s nothing like your own bed! This week is all about comfort-ability Nova Babes.  You’ve been doing a lot of ripping and running and it’s time to take this week to lessen your load and just relax a little. Get some housework done, and do a little spring cleaning. Netflix & Chill while binge eating with a friend.

It’s pretty safe to say we all love to keep our circle tight. Well not this week! Let loose a little and build new relationships! Invest more time into pre-existing relationships. Have you really gotten to know this person inside and out? Are your futures in tune with each other? Your success is only going up and you need everyone on the same page. You’re good with juggling priorities but also remember, YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST. Don’t let being busy, be an excuse as to why you’re not consuming the nutrients needed to stay energized. Go on a jog or take a dance class this weekend.



This week has you all about work vs. play, but by Friday the socialite queen is in your orbit. Make sure you take advantage! You’ll also find yourself running into short term successes this week. Let this motivate you to keep climbing, because your moon will have you dabbling in new environments. This is your time to shine! Be bold and go get that job you’ve been hesitant about. IT’S YOURS. You’ve been a homebody lately taking time to yourself and that’s ok… until the weekend arrives. Go mingle! Use these new formed relationships to your advantage. Family members will test you this week, but remember they are still blood at the end of the day!  



You’re all about your business and finances this week. Your money is on an increase and you’re ready for more. People are noticing your success so be aware of those on your radar. Not everyone has your best interest NovaBabe! Be humble with your financial success but don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve it! This can also explain why loved ones have felt like you can be there shoulder to lean on, and maybe it’s time you let them know the difference between being someone’s ATM & being someone’s support system.Ready to relax a bit? Not too fast! You’ll be invited to multiple events leaving you torn between relaxations and socializing this weekend.  It’s ok to let up and have some fun, you’ve worked hard enough!






New Me New Life!


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For the longest, I haven’t felt motivated to blog and couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. What is wrong with me?! I feel like I’m just going through the motions of life at this point. Is it because I’m a senior in college and no longer have time between school and work to do anything else? Well that can’t be it because I’ve been in school almost 20 years now. Maybe its because I’m newly single and don’t really know what direction I want to take my life at this point? Well thats pathetic too, its just a boy Taylor! We as women always say this about a girl going through a breakup but its true! Is is just a boy. Yes I may love this man, but thats not all life is about, and if it’s meant to be, it will be on it’s own and on it’s own time! Always remember that ladies! Now here’s a guy who says they see a future with you, and so you decide to invest all your time and energy to this one individual. But thats where I went wrong. I devoted more time to him and his life then I did on my own independent future. (He’d probably say I didn’t invest enough.) This was a relationship I seen a family with, and when that reality became just a dream, I became confused. Confused as to how my life should look without a man and family later down the line, and lost with the direction I should be headed in..  But even then, it still didn’t feel like I found the answer to why I had been slacking for so long. That’s because all of these were excuses I made to fit my situations at the time. Situations I should never have let hold me back. Fortunately for me, I quickly jumped out of that mentality and got back to the grind. So from the time of my break up (which took place in March) up until August of this year, I didn’t even touch my blog. But thats ok! It’s ok because I now look back and see it was my time for transformation, it was my time to define who I am and who I truly want to be in just a year from now. It was my time to put my priorities straight and only focus on what my next step is going to be towards ever-flowing success. Six months later, I now know, where I REALISTICALLY see myself, and I am catering my blog for my subscribers to not only feel inspired by women who have already gained success, but to also get a deeper look at my life and see t hat REAL women go through REAL things. To know that going through real life shit is something all women have to endure. So I encourage you all to share your experiences with me also, and feel free to leave feedback as well because at the end of the day, we are all we got!

Our Sisters Our Time is here for ALL  women. My blog is here to share the experiences of women we can relate to, women who can inspire us, women that just need our support as their sisters! As women, and as sisters it is easier to share our experiences because the next girl is going through something just like you and this blog was put in place to be that platform! Something wonderful I’ve learned is that, as human beings, specifically in America, we can all win in ALL aspects of life. So its important that we as women never stop having each other’s back. It’s often that we come to this natural instinct of competition mode with each other, not realizing that everyone can have a piece of the cake. If we stick together, why couldn’t  we win together? Oh but we can and we will! This is a race to end the gender wage gap, and society’s expectation for women around the world to change! So as a big sister, it is my calling to help bridge the gap between women and men for higher success!  We all have a mind of our own that creates individual magic, and that is the beauty of being a human being.

I have vowed to myself that the amount of energy put into my job,  must also be put into myself, and individual success equally. Yes, I already know what you’re probably thinking. “With what time am I supposed to make room for my own dreams when I’m at work 24/7?” or, “How am I supposed to make my own dreams reality when I’m so tired by the time I even make it home from school?” Well don’t think like that! EVERYONE makes time for the things they really want out of life, and those who have gained success show those attributes through their efforts and hard work. Think about it this way… If one man’s dream can become a reality thanks to his employees and their hard work, then why can’t those same employees put that much work into their own efforts and actually see their hard work pay off? Oh but I can and I will! And us sisters can, and us sisters will! It’s time to find MY purpose in life and execute it to the fullest! So follow me through my journey as I work my ass off to find success through my own investments with the help of many inspiring women who have lead the way thus far.

This time next year, instead I will have my own employees and thats real! Really imagine how much more successful you could be when you dream it, believe it, and put it into action. They say the hardest part in accomplishing something, is taking the first step. By writing and publishing this blog today, I have already accomplished the first step successfully and now its your turn to do the same!

Tailored Trends


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As I begin to launch my YouTube channel, I’d like to start introducing the different segments that will be mentioned.

Tailored Trends is all about what’s in and what’s hot! Socialite style with a Visionary’s mindset, season to season style is just my thing.

To kick off our new topic, I decided to start with Prom! I’ve tried on a few different outfits from BCBG Max Azria that would make the perfect prom night!

So please keep strolling and take a look at the fun I had playing dress up in these GORGEOUS gowns!

Believe in the Lifestyle You Want


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   There’s never a such thing as dreaming too big!

One thing I have to always remind myself, is that there is no cap to success. But it all starts with the steps leading to your accomplishments. 

Think of it this way…. How did President Obama become president? What we do know is that in no way was it an easy handover for him. But we also know how hard our president worked to take a place in office!

It’s important to remember that hard work will pay off, and if it hasn’t yet…. Then that simply means it’s just not your turn yet. So don’t go cutting off your blessing because your accomplishments go unnoticed. Thanks ok because at the end of the day, YOU are the one who took the last extra steps to make even the slightest difference in your life!

Unfortunately for us girls, it’s already hard enough to be taken serious. We practically have to demand the respect we deserve, but don’t let that discourage you from your goals! Your education and experimental do’s and don’ts in life is all you need to get to where you’re going. 

Believe in the Lifestyle You Want


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   There’s never a such thing as dreaming too big!

One thing I have to always remind myself, is that there is no cap to success. But it all starts with the steps leading to your accomplishments. 

Think of it this way…. How did President Obama become president? What we do know is that in no way was it an easy handover for him. But we also know how hard our president worked to take a place in office!

It’s important to remember that hard work will pay off, and if it hasn’t yet…. Then that simply means it’s just not your turn yet. So don’t go cutting off your blessing because your accomplishments go unnoticed. Thanks ok because at the end of the day, YOU are the one who took the last extra steps to make even the slightest difference in your life!

Unfortunately for us girls, it’s already hard enough to be taken serious. We practically have to demand the respect we deserve, but don’t let that discourage you from your goals! Your education and experimental do’s and don’ts in life is all you need to get to where you’re going. 

Finding the Medium Between Settling for Less & Having Patience


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Some things way heavier on my heart then others and I thought I’d share my thoughts on keeping relationships afloat. 

So I’ve been in a relationship going on two years now that has been nothing short of amazing! But don’t get me wrong, of course my boyfriend and I bump heads every so often then act like nothing ever happened 2 minutes later. What couple doesn’t? 

Just like all relationships, none are perfect. But if there’s someone out there whose made you feel nothing short of being his or her number one, then why not fight for the relationship right?  

From buying you flowers, to taking you on vacation, you start to become more patient not only with the relationship but yourself because it all seems worth it. But is it really? 

Is it really worth being in a long distance relationship? Am I doing the right thing by trusting his or her word? 

Now, he or she has gotten “really busy” as of lately and can’t seem to get a grasp on time management. You one hundred percent understand because you want the best for them so you find a way to relate. But then you realize that really, the only thing it seems he no longer has time for is YOU. 

Just like any other person would, I’m sure that brings plenty of imaginative thoughts. You start to second guess what your significant other told you, and start replaying back his or her actions towards you in your head. 

At this point your confidence is at an all time low and you don’t know how to go about the situation. Well WRONG ANSWER.   

1. Always and forever put yourself first

2. It’s ok to ask your ask questions or express your concerns to him or her. (Communication is key)


Trips to Paradise


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   We’re getting closer to Spring Break and summer vacation!

I can’t wait for this summer to finally be here!  I graduate in only 2 months with a bachelors in Media Studies and I’m so excited, so impatient and most importantly….. Caught the itis. This has been the hardest semester with taking Interactive  Motion Graphics and Website Design. For those wondering what in the world Interactive Motion Graphics is, it’s when you use Adobe Flash to animate text or characters. Now don’t get me wrong, the classes are interesting but having to use code means paying very close attention to detail. Something I’m terrible at! Any how, do you guys remember playing with the codes for MySpace? I can remember playing with boarders or altering the text to make it custom and now to think that it’s something our society pretty much needs is so beyond me! But at the same time it’s the coolest thing you could learn and really utilize which is why I’m so into the classes. 

Next post will give you all a peak inside my everyday college classes so you can really see the projects we get to work on. 


For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend treated me to a trip to Catalina Island and it was amazing! 

 It’s this little tiny island approximately 8 miles long filled with the most warm-hearted & warm welcoming residents/community. Catalina is considered part of Los Angeles, California and you can actually see it from my school! It’s the coolest thing to wake up to everyday. 

There’s so many things to do on the island and me being the adventurer that I am fell even more in love with this place. First thing we did was take a tour of The Casino. No, it’s not an actual casino but the way it operated in the late 1800s early 1900s was as if it did. There would be celebrities at The Casino all the time because the building has the biggest ballroom in the world and sits on a cliff off the ocean. 

Something else I did was take the Catalina Scenic View tour. The best view was the picture I posted previously but it was also cool to see Mr.Wrigley’s house up close. (Wrigley’s Gum) Mr.Wrigley  is the owner of Catalina after the Banning brothers sold it to him. But overall it is such a beautiful island and the perfect mini getaway for us Californians looking to have a good time.  

Future Trips

My next trip isn’t until September so I really want to take at least one more trip before that! Any ideas????
My friend who lives in Taiwan suggest I go visit her and country hop to Thailand and Bali of Indonesia. Thought that was such a good idea because I’ve always wanted to be up close and personal with wild animals and most importantly want to give back to these less fortunate country in any way possible. 

Then there’s my friend who wants to do Puerto Rico for her birthday. Any suggestions about that country? I’ve been wanting to go for some time now and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. 

Maybe even a cruise! Those are always fun. But one thing I do know is that I’m long over due in this country we call Land of the free and want to find another one to love.

Women With A Billion Dollar Net Worth: Sara Blakely


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Meet Sara Blakely, one of the richest women in the United States.

Blakely is a 44 year old entrepreneur currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is responsible for Spanx, a hosiery business that shapes a women’s curves to make them look and feel good about themselves.

Sara Blakey’s life really began when denied from law school because of failing her entry test. From there, she decided to take on a job with Walt Disney but quickly left there to start her new position with Danka selling fax machines door to door.

Although that may not seem like the ideal job out of college, Sara became good at her job and quickly was promoted to National Sales trainer by the age of 25. Now satisfied with her job, she couldn’t help but to despise the requirements of all women having to wear pantyhose in order to be conservative and appropriate while at work.

This inspired the young woman at the time to come up with another way of tucking away a women’s revealing body parts but still feeling comfortable while looking good.


Soon after, Blakely moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began her research on how to make  more appealing hosiery for woman. But get this, she started with only 5,000 dollars from her savings and found a lawyer to help her paten her idea. To her surprise no other person had started on this new market of shaping a woman body or at least patented it.

Now in present day, Sara Blakey is worth a total of 1.1 Billion Dollars! Making her one of the richest women and people in the U.S.